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Menu for Groups 

1.  Bread 
two.  Butter
  a.) Charcoal Roasted Chicken: €20.00

    b.) Chicken and BBQ Ribs: €27.50

    c.) Chicken, BBQ Entrecote and Picanha: €30.00

5.  Fries 
6.  Rice 
7.  Bean 
8.  Salad
  House wine
10. Sangria
11. Beer
12. Soft drinks
13. Coffee

Menu Grupos TOP SECRET 2022 20220303 - 5.png

Vegetarian options available

(From €20 per person)

Starters +5.00€
Onion Rings, Cod Fish Cakes, Sliced Cheese, Melon with Ham, Meat Puffs and Roasted Chorizo

Desserts +5.00€
Chocolate Mousse,
  Panna Cotta, Vanilla Ice Cream, Fruit Salad 

RESERVATIONS: 914 420 004

Offers not combinable with other discounts and promotions. Menu for a minimum of 10 people. Drinks consumption limited to 0.5 liters per person. Takeaway NOT allowed. Children from 3 to 6 years old -20%. We reserve the right to cancel this promotion without prior notice. 
Promotion Groups Menu TOP SECRET 2021  VAT Included

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